Monday, September 1, 2014

1D and 5SOS in Chicago!

Last weekend I saw One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer at the Soldier Field Stadium in Chicago, and let me tell you...they were amazing.
But first let me tell you about my little adventure, I mean this has been an eight month wait to see all of these boys! 
I've never had any trouble driving to Chicago, I go to the city about once a month, or more depending on what I am there to do. Usually, I take the train if I'm going there to visit friends who have come into town or just to go shopping. But if I'm going to a concert, I find a parking garage close by and drive there. It's more convenient for me, especially since I won't have to worry about walking to a train station at night.
Since my sister refused to ditch school so we could get there a bit earlier, we didn't get to leave my house until 4, then we went to go get her pizza so she could eat, and then put her paycheck in the bank. I was very stressed when we finally were heading to the concert. 
The drive never takes more than an hour, but I didn't take to account the fact that there would be 50,000 people at this stadium. That meant people were coming out of town...
It took us two hours to finally get through traffic and get into the city, then we parked at parking lot. I paid 5 dollars, and I thought "oh, we can totally just walk a mile and a half, no problem!"
There were no cabs, but there were groups of people walking toward the stadium. We just followed them, and two blisters later and half an hour walk, we finally got to the stadium.
I have never been so relieved. Turns out that 5SOS wasn't coming on until almost 7:30, so we didn't miss anything.
My sister and I got different seats because the tickets went out FAST. We took what we could get, and I was sitting in 105, and she was sitting in 108. Our seats were very good.
5SOS opened up and they were amazing. It was the second time I was seeing them live, and I was fangirling and singing and screaming.
About halfway through, I heard my name, and my sister was calling me. She was with her friends, and turns out her friend had two extra tickets in section 104, and I went with them and 5SOS finished performing.
 Originally how close I was to the stage (105).
 Luke. AKA Sex God.
 Ashton. OMFG.
 Ashton AGAIN.
 This was when I moved. AND CALUM<3
And Michael<3

5SOS did an amazing show then it was now One Directions turn! I have been waiting three years to see these boys, and I lost my voice the first minute they came out. But I was still rocking, and crying.
My sister and I at the concert right before One Direction came out.

I will never forget this concert. Especially the time Harry came over to my side and.... lol

We also wished/sang Liam a Happy Birthday!

I will never forget this concert. Especially the time Harry came over to my side and.... lol

Then we had a brutal walk back to the car, and we went home. Next day was amazing too, but I didn't take pictures. I just wanted to enjoy it, and it was amazing. (: