Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I'm stuck...

I've been in a rut since maybe January.

I don't know why, but sometimes I get into periods of my life when I can't read or write, and I feel mentally blocked. I know that i just need something to get me out of it...

Broken Pleasure is that thing...

What is it?

Well, it's an idea I've had for over a year. The idea I first got when I was driving through this loopy road to get to school.

I thought, what if I got into a car accident here? I held onto my steering wheel a little bit tighter so I could have full control.

But I thought about it? What would happen if a car hit mine? What if I had my best friend in the car? What would happen to us? The driver?

I could imagine the story line, and I wrote it down in a notebook. Now here we are one year later, and I'm a third way done with it.

Writing a book is hard, but this story just naturally comes out. I love the characters I've chosen, Ryder and Lottie, and their friends. I love the plot, and the truth to it.

Sometimes people get into horrific accidents and they survive. They're called miracles. It was a miracle that they did not die.

Scarlett, aka Lottie, does not see it that way. She may have survived but did she really? Her body is full of physical scars, her mind full of mental ones? Her friend? She can't even function anymore, and the man who hit them? He's in a coma.

Ryder is an athlete, the very thing Lottie wishes she could be, but running causes still too much pain, and she'd rather tend to others wounds as a soon to be nurse, but for now as a athletic trainer.

They're so alike but opposites in so many ways, is there any way this relationship could even work? I don't know, that's my answer. I'm still trying to figure it out and it's exciting, what I'm writing now has me jumping and dreaming about what could be, but there is also heartbreak.

It comes out July 12th, 2015, on Kindle Amazon, and I hope ya'll preorder it (: If you do, feel free to tell me!
Love you all,