Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Music is where I get most of my inspiration. I know some writers HATE listening to music while writing because it makes them distracted, but not me.

I thrive from tunes coming from my headphones. Sometimes I just need something to keep me still long enough on my computer to actually write a scene. Other times, it just fits the plot so perfectly that it sends me into a frenzy to write before I can forget everything!

I have a playlist on my Spotify where I can just press shuffle and any music coming at me I can write to. If you would like to listen to that playlist, you can press here.

My music doesn't fit every scene I write, but it sure does keep me thinking about what could be.

Well, today I wrote this thing for my new book that's coming out July 12th! I'm using a new technique to write my book, first writing half of Scarlett's chapters, and then working on Ryders. This is what came from Ryder today:

“Well I have had to work hard in my life, it hasn’t always been kind to me.”
“Life making you go through obstacles is being kind to you because only those who struggle know true happiness.” Her eyes widened at my deep words.
“How can you have such a good outlook in life? Not every college senior has their life together like you.”
“Trust me, sweetheart, I don’t have my life together. I have a few pieces and for now I’m content with that.” I watched as she bit her bottom lip, thinking about what I’ve said.
“You should be a motivational speaker if being a surgeon doesn’t pan out.” I laugh.

“I’ll make a note of that.”

I hope you guys liked that, I know I enjoyed writing that. (:

Take care,
Rebeca x